Facebook Lookalike Ads for Kickstarter Crowdfunding

How to make a high converting facebook ad


Facebook advertising is a great way to generate traffic for your project, especially if you don’t have fans yet.  There are several things that go into it, namely the text components, the headline, your featured image, and of course the destination URL, which needs to show something very similar to what the ad is proposing.  There are also a number of targeting things beneath the hood that dictate how much you’ll spend and who the ad should be shown to you.



The first thing to do in setting up your ad is to complete the landing page or wherever you’ll be sending traffic.  Next, you want to make sure that you have a special tracking code, called a pixcil, installed on this page, this way you can send visitor specific ads down the line using something called retargeting.  But for now, go ahead and create your Facebook pixcil, and place it in the code of your website, so that it can begin tracking your visitors.


Okay, now to the ads part. You can access the ads manager from the menu on the right of Facebook - this is where you’ll do all the work and track you ads.  Before you build an ad, you want to have an audience that is targeted, meaning they are the right size, and most likely to relate to your project.  An ideal audience size for the best price of Facebook ads is around 2 million.  Any larger you’ll be getting more clicks but your conversion rate will go down, and any smaller than two million and your likely to be spending a lot more per click.


I’m going to show you how to make an ad that reaches people across the country, or across several countries, but you can even run it for hyper local elements like city, these audiences might be much smaller - on the order of ten to 20 thousand, and that’s alright, you’ll still have reasonable ad costs for hyper localized audiences.  


So how do you create a targeted audience?  Well, the best way is to use a group you already have that is attracted to your particular audience.  We’ll cover interest specific targeting soon, but if you have a list of at least 500 people who have opted in to being fans of your particular product or service, then this is a really great place to start, because the best targeting is with something called a “lookalike” audience.  


Go ahead and create your lookalike audience by first making a custom audience, either from your page likes or by uploading your email list.  Next, after that is ready (sometimes it takes 30 minutes for the audience to be matched to their facebook profiles), you can create a lookalike audience based on that custom audience.  I recommend choosing the united states, and adding any other countries where you think your fans might come from - I usually add canada, united kingdom, australia, germany, france, and sweden, because that is where the most crowdfunding backers come from.  For now, you can start with US, but know that you can also build a lookalike audience that contains multiple international countries.


Select your lookalike percentage at between three to five percent, you want it to show about 8 to twelve million people, and you will narrow this further down the line with interests.  Then go ahead and create the audience.


When your audience is done, you can make your ad.  Go to create new ad, and select the one for traffic.  All the other ones are pretty much useless in my opinion, they are expensive and not worth the time and money, just click traffic and focus on a standard cost per click type campaign.


Now you’ll Name the campaign, which is the highest level, and then you’ll name the ad set - just title it “my ad” or something specific about what you are advertising for. 


Finally, scroll down to “custom audiences” and select the lookalike audience that you made. 

Now, you are going to narrow for interest and you’ll try to get it down to that 2 million mark which will have the best ad costs for you.  


I’m doing a landing page for beer, so I’m going to select ages 21 and up, I’m going to select males only because I know that 80% of our customers are male, and I’m going to add the interest of “craft beer” - lets see what that does.  Okay, that narrowed it quite a lot, which can be good, but I’m going for maximum affordability here and it’s okay if they are a little less targeted. I’ll add the word beer.


Great, I’ve narrowed it down to 2.4 million, that feels like the right size. If I want I can click “save this audience” for next time, or now I’ll look at the next things.


Automatic placements will put you everywhere - facebook, both mobile and desktop, instagram, and what facebook calls the “audience network”, this is their extended ad network.


If you have a big instagram following and they might be upset if they see you advertising, or if you prefer that people always be on a computer when they view your content, you can choose manual placements.  Facebook will warn you about fewer returns, but just ignore that, you know where you want your ad to appear.  Sometimes you have something you would want to see in the newsfeed but not as a right column ad. If so, you can disable the right column, or the other way around. FYI if you keep mobile enabled then you’ll probably see 85-90% of your traffic coming from people who are on phones, facebook ads really favor mobile so if your content isn’t mobile friendly or if you have more than a simple content for people to view it might be useful to try out changing the device type so that you can guarantee that your visitors get the whole experience you designed for them.  - This might cut down your audience size in half, but since we had a healthy 2 million, that should be fine. Otherwise just choose automatic etc.  


Finally, you’ll choose your budget - we recommend changing from a daily budget to a lifetime budget, and set a very short term, give it 3 days or 7 days to see how it performs. 


Now here is the absolute, most important part of the whole game - your bid amount.  If you let this be automatic, facebook is going to nail you and you’ll end up spending an outrageous amount on your ad.  This is where they capture the foolish people and take advantage of them.  The thing for you to know is that the average cost of a Facebook click is between 45 to 50 cents, and sometimes if you are going to a small audience your ads wont show unless you bid 65 or 70 cents a click.  I never bid more than 75 cents a click, no matter what outrageous number facebook recommends here - just put in 60 cents, or 50 cents, and call their bluff, and they’ll show your ads anyway, because they want to get that lifetime budget that you’ve just shown them.  If you get your ad going and you are not getting any traffic after three days, just go here and inch up the number until the ads start to show.  


So that’s it for your ad set, you are now complete with your targeting and budged. 


Now you’ll create a new post and choose a single image for your ad, and you can upload the image you’ve made.  Facebook really dislikes text on an ad, you can have one to three big words, but any small text and your image will be rejected. Use the Text Overlay tool to check your image before trying your ad, it will tell you if it passes.  Don’t use an image that has too much text as facebook will reduce the amount that hit gets cshown, just work with the image check tool and make sure you pass.


Okay, now work on your ad text and the headline, and page between the different ad views so that you can make sure the message you want is present in the right amount in all of the ad types.  Once the destination URL and the headline, newsfeed text, and link text is all set for your campaign, you can click “place order” to complete the ad.  Just go in after one day and confirm that your ads are showing ad the bid you made.  If they are not showing you may need to increase your offer for how much to pay per click, I’m sure you’ll find the sweet spot for this.


Okay, now your facebook ad is running, remember that it’s all about ROI, which means return on invesment.  Try running ads to different landing pages to see if one design has a significantly better return rate, and do the math to make sure that the money you are spending on ads is at least providing meaning ful results for you, like purchases or email opt ins.


I hope this helps you make a rocking targeted facebook ad that goes to the right people and doesn’t cost a fortune. Enjoy!



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