How our Crowdfunding project AXIUS CORE Raised $269k in 30 days

These two emails:

Let’s look at what’s going to increase your raise in the last 72 hours.


It’s all about urgency here - on the part of your marketing .  This is the golden moment that many marketers dream of.  You’ve got a product all lined up it looks great, and it’s RUNNNING OUT OF TIME.  This is when you can “clean up” on all sorts of people who have been waiting on the sidelines.

Training courses were the thing that gave me the best edge, and after attending many seminars I decided that there was still space to make one of the best, online training courses, literally an academy for nonprofit fundraising.  It really is one of the best fundraising sites because it provides the perks definition all the way to help with indegogo gadgets.

This training program will help you raise money for you crowdfunder on indiegogo vs kickstarter especially because backers really do look whether you are running your campaign on or on kickstarter vs indiegogo.

Let’s face it: a whole portion of your friends, family and fans just don’t have the personality to do any thing until its the absolute last moment.  And they still won't unless you incentivize them with core motivation and actually reach them with a direct ask.


These two messages have been composed by professional fundraisers.  I mean lots of them.  We’ve used and adapted them for so many campaigns, and the exact wording here works.  Why?  It’s because it calls upon the team, it calls upon a anti-corporate mindset (which is what independent businesses and innovators care about), and it calls upon the reader and includes them in a key moment and then does the absolute moment: it gives them a choice.

Crowdfunding marketing is one of the best tactics offered by crowdfunding services, and there's no need for more crowdfunding help. Our training courses help organize the best online fundraising sites by crowdsourcing platform, because kickstarter project promotion has alot to do with crowdfunding service providers.

My kickstarter course helps you learn about education crowdfunding sites and npo fundraising who want to use indiegogo vs kickstarter. When it comes to fundraising consulting indeigogo  (indie gogo) is one of the most frequently used for crowdfunding loans. The key for how to market kickstarter campaign and how to advertise your kickstarter starts long before you upload on



These messages and tactics are similar to what people who are running for office send out for their SEC deadlines, and they have worked to bring in millions of dollars of capital.


The subject lines are important, and how you send it is important too.  We want you to skip the promotional folder for this one.  So if you’ve been sending via mail chimp or infusionsoft or aweber, now is the time to try out mixmax, serialmailer, or mail merge for outlook.  


Here are the subjects:

“Why We Ask” - 4 days Remain

“Our Midnight Deadline” - 2 days Remain


I want you to raise and get your project funded, and in my 10 years as a consultant I've come up with so many successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits. This trainning course for Kickstarter and will help yours become one of the top crowdfunding sites. In the kickstarter faq section you'll be able to learn about crowdfunding pr. Going forward, kikstarter provides some significant fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations who want to launch as part of their course in things to write about.  I really love indiegog for this opportunity to learn.


If you send out these messages to the right people at the correct time, then you’ll have a really high likelihood of bringing them in during the final moments.