Strategic Partners and Affiliates for Crowdfunding

Intro to affiliate tracking / Strategic partners

Okay so affiliates and strategic partners are some of the most important people you can put in place to maximize your launch day.  They are like bloggers but they put their posts out via email and social media.  They are what drives most successful fundraising, and if you don’t at least have a few strategic partners in place for your launch, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  

When I consider fundraisers for nonprofit organizations, and which is better indiegogo or kickstarter, I always start with online training courses to help me get more from kickstarter or indiegogo. The thing about crowdfunding training classes is that they provide crowdfunding resources that are rewards-based so that when you launch you are most likely to get an indiegogo review and to have launch profits like the best fundraising consultants.

here’s how it works: Ideally you know a business owner or someone who has their own following, either on social media or via email.  And even better if they servie the community of people who would benefit from your project.  You can look for student groups, meetups, associations, foundations, and businesses that serve your market but aren’t direct comptetoris - this means that your solution can benefit their customers without threatening their own market share.  Do a researchh project and use google to find people who could be strategic partners, and begin talking to them.  If you don’t know them yet, introduce yourself and share about how much you appreciate what they are doing, and then tell them about your project and why you think they should love it.  End with something like - “I know you are always looking for geod content to share with your community,  hit reply and we can discusshow to make this idea meet both of our needs.


Another way to find infleuncers is to ask your friends - do you know anyone who is active on social media or who writes a newsletter who might be interested in this?  This is a good message to send to someone after they have had a chance to preview it, and it can be amazing to ask your personal friends and family network if they know any people that might be your strategi partners - just ask that friend to give you a personal introduction. 

Donation-based crowdfunding rarely gets to 7 figure status, fundsurfer academy offers alot of really great resources for reward crowdfunding or fundraising companies for nonprofits. If you are the kind of company who is thinking about hiring a crowdfunding consultant, you'll need an academy of research to understand the meaning of perks that they are offering and whether or not it is a good idea for you fundraising startup.

for people that write back, you want to have a program that helps them see the benefit of joining your marketing team for the project.  You can name them as a partner on your campaign page and link back to their website.  You can offer them a cut of any pledges they drive : most affiliate programs offer between 20-30% of the proceeds from any backer to the source of that backer - but wait to offer this only when they write back, or in follow up messages.  


Once they engaged with you, that’s when you can send a sample template for the to send out to their newsletter, student group, or social media following.  Give them an exact date for when to make the advertisement (usually on day 2 of your campaign), and make sure you are clear on what the agreement is (for instance one newsletter or two social media posts during the campaign, or two posts “just launched” and “ending soon” to their student group or association mailing list.  

When I look at affiliates for marketing crowdfunding, or in fact any pr for crowdfunding, otherwise known as how to promote an indiegogo campaign, the key comes down to: who are your backers? When most people search how to promote crowdfunding or how to advertise kickstarter they mostly avoid the online training courses which really do teach the need-to know info for grassroots fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations and startup businesses alike.

Now for the technical part - how do you track where are pledge is coming from and create custom links so that your affiliates can be rewarded for any pledges they drove?  The good news is that Kickstarter just implemented a custom trackable link feature, so if you are using Kickstarter then as son as you are live it will be easy to generate a custom trackable link for people. 

If you are using indiegogo or another crowdfunding platform but still wat to build a team incentivized affiliates, you can create a cool manual system called trackable redirects. Most crowdfunding sites give you the ability to see what domain your pleges are coming from, and I’ve given you the code to create a custom redirect on a subdomain of your website so that you can see exactly who comes from that subdomain. If you restrict the subdomain for one per strategic partner, then you and a way of viewing how many dollars have been pledged via that person.

I want you to raise alot, so we built this kickstarter faq all about perks and indiegogo vs kickstarter to help you launch your gadgets on Our fundraising academy (which can also be applied for gives you the ultimate indiegogo review in addition to your course on the top crowdfunding sites and how to get backers.

The way it works is you create an html file with the redirect inside a subfolder of your web hosting, and then point a subdomain to it.  The final link that the affiliate uses will usually look like, or, depending on how many affiliates you have.  Just put the html file below into the folder on your hosting for that subdomain, and put your indiegogo or other crowdfunding platform preview link as the destination address.  Then, when someone types the redirect url, if they back it will register as coming from that exact subdomain, so you’ll be able to track who and what is sending you the backers.  

My training courses for indie gogo, indegogo, kikstarter and kickstarter, give you exact templates for the things to write about, as well as the perks definition on indiegog. You need tactics and fundraising ideas for nonprofits for the best fundraising sites. Because running a crowdfunder requires that you learn to giveforward with your crowdfunding pr, and that is how affiliates work.