Top Crowdfunding Sites : Video Production

How to make a compelling piece - step by step tutorial


Now I’m going to go through how to make a successful video, step by step.  You should have laid out your production plan and visuals shotlist, and also you’ve got your main points from your messaging document.  These will be useful for your interview and I’m going to show you how.


The first step is equipment.  The two musts for a good video are a SLR camera and a nice microphone.  See below for my links to either buy a used t2i or to rent.  You can rent all the equipment you need for less than a hundred dollars.  The main things that are absolutely crucial, though, are a glidebam, a super wide angle lens, and a 50mm lens that opens up to f1.8.  These are the tricks of the trade that will set your video above even many production houses, because with this you’ll be able to achieve a picture style that is much softer focus, and you’ll have engaging handheld footage that is smooth - this makes your production much faster than having to set up a tripod again and again, and it makes the footage more interesting and engaging - when I product a video, the only time I use a tripod is for interviews, other than that it is all glidecam.  

Alot of times when we search kickstarter faq for our video questions, all we see is the same stuff about gadgets and go fund me fees, and endless discussion about kickstarter vs indiegogo. Getting and creating backers on the best fundraising sites is all about your perks definition and how you drive traffic to the page. 

The next step once you have your equipment lined up is to use it correctly.  Look up videos on how to balance a glide cam, how to shoot video on a camera with manual exposure and manual focus.  Manual exposure is the number one most important thing you can do for the quality of your video - viewers hate seeing the image automatically go from light to dark if you pan across a room to a window - just shoot manual and expose for the inside, and you’ll never have to worry about your shot changing exposure in the middle of it.  Just use the exposure meter before you start recording any particular shot, and adjust the shutter speed and ISO to get the right light level.  


The last important equipment to use correctly is the microphone. Even the greatest microphone is useless if you place is it in the wrong location or if you record it too loud.  If you went ahead and got the self-contained sennheiser, even though it looks like it can mount on your camera, don't do it.  You need your camera to be far away from the interview subject, but you need the mic to be close.  Find a way either by using a mic stand or some kind of jerry rig to set the mic above the speakers head, and in front of their mouth, within 18 inches of the sound source.  This will create printing and beautiful audio.  For mic sensistivity, have it on the lover site, at only around 50-60% , this way you don’t max out the audio meter if they talk loud.  I’ll be showing you how to boost the audio in ediding, so even if the files sound quiet, it’s best to set it to a medium sensitivity that to have tit to sensitive.  


Great!  You’ve got a manually exposed camera with a 50mm lens open to f.1.8, pointed at an interview subject who has a high quality microphone floating above and infront of their head, within 18 inces of their mouth. You did it!  For less than $100 of rented equipment you just got the same quality that a $5,000 production house would have given you.

I know everyone wants to run no startup cost fundraisers, but quality looking crowdfunding promotion for indiegog sometimes makes real costs required to do crowdfunding for entrepreneurs. I would promote your kickstarter or conduct your fundraising for nonprofit organizations and judge the difference between indiegogo and kickstarter, before you decide on if it's worth the cost to bring in a crowdfunding marketing agency.

Now, a word about lighting - I hate artificial lights, I never use them.  Find a home with nice window lighting and just use natural and ambient light, this will make it much better to avoid shadows on their face.  And finally, try to set them up with DEPTH behind them, definitely not pushed up against a wall, - try to have at least ten or fifteen feet of the room going out behind the person, this way you can maximize the beautiful blur effect of the lens.

The challenging thing about how to raise money for a startup is that there are so many fundraising strategies, not to mention go fund me fees and kikstarter is not the only one of the best fundraising sites.  I like to look at startup fundraising as a puzzle for how to promote a kickstarter campaign, and kickstarter video production is a huge part about what makes this all run.

Awesome!  Now you can hit record and conduct your interview. one more technical note - because you’ll be syncing your audio and the video of the interview later, make sure to start and stop the microphone every time you start and stop the video camera, this way you have one audio clip for each video clip.  Also, at the beginning of each video clip, after video and audio are running, it’s a good idea to clap so that you will have a goo solid sound to help with the audio syncing during the editing.  Now for the interview: Just do it conversational style, ask the questions from the intake form.  After about ten minutes, now start reading phrases from the messaging document and have them repeat them exactly.  Dont get mor than twenty minutes of interview footage, this will mae editing a nightmare.  Just have a ten minute authentic conversation about the project, using the questions from the intake form, then spend ten minutes getting sound bits.  It doesn’t matter if they are out of order, you will rearrange everything in the editing phase.


Indie gogo often emerges as the little brother in the fight of  indiegogo vs kickstarter, because for your crowdfunder the course is never clear. But of course kikstarter and indiegog ( can both be an exceptionally valuable asset for helping you raise.

The training courses at our academy give you plenty of fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations, so that when you launch on or one of the other top crowdfunding sites, you'll have the best tactics on your side. It really is one of the best online training courses because the training program offers perks that are far beyond the traditionally known fundraising ideas for nonprofits.


Now that you’ve conducted your interview, it’s time to get the rest of your visuals.  For each visual, try to get at least ten 5-10 second clips.  Have the user repeat the action again and again at different camera settings:  I’m going to use wide lens on the glide cam now for a wide setablisher, now I’m going to move closer up with the same lisnes, no i’m going to switch to the 50mm lens and get a close up, and I’m going to move ten feet away and get a mid wide, then I’ll move 20 feet away and get a establisher.  Incorporate pan, tilt, horizontal translation, and vertical translation in your shots, remember that camera movement needs to be smooth, but if it’s totally still then it will feel boring.  Once you have sufficiently documented the visual with at least ten clips, then move on to the next visual, and repeat.  Get ten clips of varying camera movement, using the wide and the closure lens in a variety of ways.


Great!  You did it!  It might take 6 hours to go through all your additional visual, and to direct your secenes. Just be patient and throuough, and was until you see the shot you want to see before moving on.  At the end of the day you’ll have about 30 gigabytes of content, and you’ll have plenty to work with for your edit!  

The thing about nonprofit fundraising (and what we discuss in detail in our kickstarter training), is that crowdfunding consultants can't do much when it comes to fundraising non profit, and most crowdfunding marketing companies are at a loss when it comes to who reach out to about your equity fundraising.

4. Crowdfunding Video : The hidden message that sells every product


Welcome back to Fully Funded’s Introductory video course, I’m Michael Zeligs, founder of StartMotionMEDIA.  In the last video I went in depth into the important steps that every project developer needs to do to determine the best way to define market their project, and I showed you how important it is to use actual conversations as an early way to build fans and evangelists.


In this lesson I’m going to share with you what is missing in so many crowdfunding videos and how to fix it.  I’m thrilled by how much can be conveyed through the medium of video, and disappointed with most of the crowdfunding videos I see.  


Why is that?  The big issue is that most project developers are so steeped in the features and details of their project they try to cram everything into their video.  Over an over again I’m pausing videos halfway, bored out of my mind, even when the product looks cool or has merit.  


Here’s the thing most project creators ignore when they are trying to fit in every little feature into their video: A great video is about offering a brief, uplifting and energizing experience for the viewer, with your project as the centerpiece.  Making it brief and inspiring is actually more effective than “fitting it all in”.


Videos do not need to know all the information about you our your project from the video.  They simply need to answer one question: what am i looking at? and then receive an experience of beauty and energy surrounding your project, with a clear call to action at the end.  Think of it as the icing on the cake for your project, and the first impression for your brand.  It’s a flavor.

Kickstaryer is not the best place for nonprofit fundraising, but if you master the right things to write about, and consider giveforward or indegog, then a small dose of crowdfunding pr can help you learn and get a great indiegogo review.

Don’t waste viewers time on too much backstory or how we got here.  Just answer the first question, immediately: what is this project about? What is the product, what does it do (briefly), and whats the main way it benefits my life as a viewer?  Then ask me, plain and simple: “We’re ready to release this to the world and we need your help.  Please select a reward and become a backer today.  Thank you so much for your support”