Module 1: Crowdfunding Myths


“Getting nothing is a bit stifling…”

Today we’ll be examining the myths related to crowdfunding and how to adequately plan for your campaign. I’m going to give you the exact steps you need to meet and exceed your goal and to have a high performing launch day, but first, we need to make sure you aren’t operating under any of the common myths and misconceptions about crowdfunding.  

Understand common errors

In this Video You’ll Learn:

  • The Answer to the Question, “Why do 70% of Campaigns Fail?”

  • The Top Myths of Crowdfunding

Take Action

  • Do you know who your launch community is?
  • Are their names and contact info listed out?

  • What is your launch day? (8 weeks from now is a good starting point)

Finally, I spent a whole year talking to thousands of past creators and I did a comprehensive analysis on the biggest blind spots for first time project creators, you can see our results here: