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campaign Visual content production and fundraising services, to apply interpersonal skills, & get more backers. Learn the difference between indiegogo vs kickstarter. Get help and answer crowdfunding questions.


in your Kickstarter crowdfunding launch

I help project creators enroll their community and achieve 3x their conversion goal so they can get their creative idea out to the world, without alienating their fans or wasting money on useless marketing.

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Did you know?

70% of Kickstarters Fail.

Projects are 10X more likely to succeed if they raise 35% thier goal in first 24hrs. 

Grab my Best Practices for Launch:

5-STEP MASTERCLASS:  the 5-step method for how I've launched multiple $50k+ grassroots revenue-generation projects without spending useless money ads or PR.

What's included?

Create YOUR BACKERS community

We explore how to build your audience and the steps we use to direct people to your campaign, so that you end up with more backers and real relationships

UNDERSTAND the building blocks

We'll discover what different types of systems project creators use to get funded, which platforms they use, so that you can have the highest chances of success.

make a great video and PAGE

You'll be guided for how to create amazing content for your marketing, and we've got an exact template for how to manifest an amazing video at minimal cost.

Secret practices for Crowd launch

We'll look at how to implement all the parts of your project launch, and the things that make all my projects stand out on their launch day. 10X your backers!

  • Product Market Fit - Planning your campaign with data

  • Video Production Tutorial - Exact steps to a killer video

  • Grassroots Outreach - How and when to activate your team

  • Getting support - Steps I take to get even more customers


What people are saying...

"Amazing day 1 "pop" of almost $30k, all due to his pre campaign "prime the pump" organized effort! Michael is a fantastic wealth of knowledge. It allowed me to harness the power of my network. It got people genuinely interested in the project which translated into huge earnings!

-Brian Doyle, CEO of AXIUS, $261,335 in 60 days

"His focus is strictly on crowdfunding. The whole process was on rails. I didn't have to worry about the details because he had me covered."

-Janathan Ho, CEO of Instagrill, $54,207 in 45 days

Recent kickstarter crowdfunding Clients:


Kickstarter Video Marketing & Fundraising Content Strategy

In my full-service consulting, I'll show you how to use your best creative assets, even if you don't know where to start. Click below to schedule a call to learn more


STEMtrunk - Sacramento CA Indiegogo Crowdfunding Case Study:

StemTrunk enrolled us for our fundraising consulting, and we helped them organize to raise the money they needed. Our Indiegogo Video Production service came up when he looked for the best San Francisco Film Production, and the fact that we offered crowdsourcing services was a bonus.

We wanted to help raise awareness for StemTrunk's awesome campaign, and we knew that getting the right crowdfunding pr was exactly what it took to get a project funded. After the 5-week window of our Crowdfunding Video Production, where we covered the best online fundraising sites and helped them see the differences in fundraising consulting firms, we set out to conduct our strategic kickstarter promotion for their launch. After discussing in depth indiegogo vs kickstarter, perks, and the recommended kickstarter tips, we settled on some fundraising strategies that are crucial for startup fundraising. With our crowdfunding help and kickstarter strategy, in addition to the Sacramento Video Production, we of course helped them make big moves on the crowdsourcing platform. We helped them send their message out to the top crowdfunding sites and they shared the results from our Kickstarter Video Production.

On the launch day, StemTrunk was raving about how crowdfunding for entrepreneurs has gotten so much more streamlined, and with all the fundraising platforms out there and so many options for crowdfunding marketing, it was hard for them to sort out which fundraising tips to move on. They expressed gratitude for having us as fundraising consultants to offer the keen indiegogo campaign tips as part of our crowdfunding services, because it meant they didn't have to hire a separate crowdfunding consulting firm to help sort out the marketing side of their startup fundraising. After answering all of the crowd funding questions about crowdfunding pr, we set to implement the strategy of kickstarter promotion, and low and behold, the backers started coming in and claiming perks. After allocating significant resources to one of our trusted fundraising consulting firms, he mentioned that the crowdfunding consultant we describing similar fundraising strategies as ours, but they were less organized.

That day I got to see the full potential of these crowdfunding promotion secrets, and I'm grateful we were able to provide the crowd funding help that StemTRUNK was looking for. Our video production and fundraising services teach you interpersonal skills to get backers, and the differences between indiegogo vs kickstarter. Get crowdfunding help and answer all your crowd funding questions with our video editing and equity classes and that give crowd funding help and key tools for choosing the right equity crowd funding sites. To be honest, the best film production for you crowdfunding site is one that offers lots of crowd funding tips about the top fundraising websites so that you can have access to the best online fundraising sites.

Our video and crowdfunding services give you access to essential video kickstart coaching and crowdfunding pr.